Last Update: 9/22/2008

A Word About AYSH
My name is Rose J Muller aka La Scorchita, a Laramie Jewish resident and UWYO Student.AYSH is the draining of mental goo from my brain. It has a nonreligious counterpart (though I find AYSH to be extremely freethinking anyways) which is much wilder and eccentric called El Scorcho. The creation of El Scorcho was inspired by a photo of Juliette Lewis, a milk carton and my dear friend Ebert Willis, who began creating little newspaper handouts when he began attending college. When I was a junior in high school he asked for my help to create one of his handouts. Inspired by his handouts, I became so ambitious that decided to created an eight page newspaper/magazine, utilizing collage and scrapbooking skills with unusual poetry and essays written by mostly by herself and several friends. The paper took 4 months to complete and was a spectacular piece of art. Only 30 copies were put out with a budget of $30, $1 per entire copy. It was released in May of 2005. Feeling overburdened I went off to college and distracted myself from creating any more pieces. Then in 2006, the project was resurrected due to a creative burst of energy and a bit of madness. This time the project cost less and I created about 50 copies of El Scorcho. Incidentally, at the time I published the second version, I was taking Hebrew with Dr. Seth Ward, UW faculty adviser of Hillel and Religious Studies professor. Dr. Ward was apparently very amused and impressed by my artistic flurry and, as I am a Hillel member, he asked me to make a version for Hillel's Holocaust Awareness Week 2006. We set up a mini writing contest with a prize of $50 to be awarded. Three people submitted written work and the prize was given to Carina Yanda for her poem: FORGETTING (kwa watoto tumewasahau).

For some peculiar reason the people at Hillel felt AYSH was a good investment and called for my services again for Jewish Cultural Awareness Week 2007. This time for some reason, no one submitted and by default I won the prize because of the many hours of work I had poured in diligently to pull off AYSH. After that that Spring 2007 issue, AYSH took a rest because of some personal health reasons. I had to put aside extra projects and just give my energy to school, but after a year and a half, I am finally able to put AYSH and El Scorcho back out there and there will be a new issue to look forward to. (Also new websites).

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